I know I'm quiet & I should speak more, but if you knew the things that were in my head most of the time, you'd know what I really meant. How much we're alike and how we've been through things, and you're not small, you're beautiful - Wallflower


Oh You Bring Hillsong United

My wish for you is that you continue. Continue to be who and how you are, to astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. Continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart.

Maya Angelou

I needed this. Thank you.

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Everyone goes through the stage of life that seems like you’re going through the motions - step out of that rut. Aim higher. Keep your gaze high and fixed upon the Lord.


The same God that opens doors will close doors. Maybe you prayed and didn’t get the job you really wanted or a relationship didn’t work out. It’s easy to allow rejection to lead to discouragement and think that God is not working in your life. But God sees the bigger picture for your life. He knows where every road is leading and where the dead ends are.
Proverbs 20:24 says, “A person’s steps are directed by the Lord. How then can anyone understand their own way?” When you realize you are in the palm of God’s hand and that nothing happens without His divine purpose, then you will begin to see and realize that the closed doors are just as important as the open doors.




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